Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

November 5, 2019

web design and development is an infrastructure through which to give a complete look. A demo can be created. What to do when creating a web site – how to create a menu, what the menu will look like, how the header will be, how the promo will be, the slide bar, whether the sidebar.

  • How to learn web design?

Two ways of learning or practicing. Using these two mediums can be learned in a good way. Also learn by watching the video, listening in the ears, watching with the eyes.

  • Anything you need to learn to learn web design?

need to know HTML, CSS, Bootstrap,

You need to know about PHP, Javascript, MySQL, and so on.

First, you need to know HTML, then CSS.  HTML, CSS, and Javascript do not work well and will not work properly. There are many people who do not learn well and get down to work. I can’t design a web site like this. There are different types of obstacles to be faced. So first you need to know better then start working.

  • Why learn web design and development?

They hire high paid people to visit their web site. Also, online work can earn up to 200 to 2000 thousand dollars a month. Currently, all the companies design and operate the web site to promote and promote it. There is no end to online work but a good web designer needs it.

Therefore, thousands of students in our country who are willing to work but cannot learn to have good institutions and guidelines. In the age of the Internet, there is no shortage of work, only the intellect and a little skill will have to start work. At present, everyone is struggling to keep pace with the era and survive in this age of competition. Everyone wants to do something good and get more exposure to people.  By which people around the world will recognize him.

Web design Tools: 

  1. Notepad++ download link
  2. Sublime Text download Link
  3. Dreamweaver download link
  4. Notepad plugin download link
  5. Notepad Zenthcoding download link


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