SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

November 5, 2019

SEO refers to search engine optimization. In other words, it’s a medium that puts Google on the number one page and above all.

What is the work of SEO?

Not just us, people all over the world are now connected to the Internet. And we regularly search through the Internet for all our essential things or information. And all this information when Google shows us that he has a Limited. It shows a lot of pages when you search and depends on which site we enter. Our helps a lot in getting the page information right and first. A website that is ranked first and foremost on the page.

What are the benefits of SEO?

Increases visitor visits to a web site. People from all countries will access the web site and Google will provide you with ad sense. If you do not do SEO, your web site will not be seen by Google as it may ban the web site after a few days. Because Google is increasing its security day by day. So there is no option to improve the site in all these aspects.

Job type:

Doesn’t just have to do in Word Press, it has to do in HTML. Because not only everyone uses Word Press, there are many organizations who create web sites using HTML. But don’t use Word Press, now 33% of the web site is used for Word Press. And Word Press can easily create a site. That’s why doing SEO is very important for a web site.

Work place:

There is a lot of work on the Internet. This is an important one. Can earn up to $ 200 to $ 1500 a month. Back link, Keyword Research, On Page, Of Page Customized, Word Press and Local SEO can earn thousands of Tk. There are many sites for working on the Internet where thousands of jobs are available.

SEO is a very important for our website. Need and very hopeful website design.

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