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What is Graphics Design for all?

November 5, 2019

What is a Graphics Design?

The invention of a new image through one’s own knowledge, skills, and mental thinking. In a word, is a way of decorating an image in a fresh way and refining it.

Many people think that drawing or learning graphics requires a good deal of knowledge, but that is not true. Because you have to figure out what you want to paint or what you want to present to people, to draw a picture of it is not the real thing. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be drawn. If you can draw well it will be an extra qualification test for you and you will be able to draw good quality and quality images or pictures.

Now, in a word, the graphic design of the tie is the medium of rendering a picture, sound, and image in front of everyone. To put it simply, graphics is a design.

Where is the job in graphics design ???

Speaking of jobs, it can be said that now almost all organizations are looking for graphic designers. Because a graphics designer does different things in a company. For example, I think I have a web site called and want to make it public. In this case, I have to design a good picture for my web site and with the picture, I have to explain to everyone about my site or organization. To do this, I will definitely need the help of a well-skilled graphics designer. You also need a graphics designer for banners, logo design, bill Bordeaux design, ad design, brochure design. Large garment companies have well-meaning designs to highlight their work in front of the world market, and they employ graphic designers for this design. They design different types of clothing including T-shirts, shirts, pants, three back.

How much money can be earned in a month?

A graphics designer can earn from one lack to one lack taka a month. Different companies hire skilled graphics designers to pay very well. There are also many jobs available online. Working online can earn a million taka a month.

Where does the Graphics Designer work?

There is a high demand in various multinational companies, garment factories, foreign companies, educational institutions, and also online marketplaces.

How long does it take to learn graphics design?

There really is no time to learn graphics design. Because everything is changing as the days go by. Technology is changing day by day as the scope of work is increasing so there is no end to learning graphics design or interruption. However, after 4 to 5 months of good training, professional graphics can be designed. However, a 3-year Bachelor’s course can be taught and even an MSc in Graphic Design can be learned. You don’t have to study graphics design to know and learn better. It is only when you start with ideas and you can get a good feel for working.

Graphic Design Tools:

  1.  Photoshop
  2.  Illustrator
  3. In design
  4.  after effects
  5.  Premiere Pro

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